Jersey City and Newark NJ Oil Tank Removal

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The number one reason we are called to perform an oil tank removal in Jersey City or Newark, NJ is because the owner wants to sell their property and needs to take the tank away in order to do so. Many residents have buried oil tanks that have remained underground for as many as 30 or more years. Over time the old tanks corrode and ultimately leak into the surrounding soil, causing both environmental and health concerns.  The NJDEP takes this very seriously and closely regulates these situations.  If contamination does occur, the property owner will be liable for the additional cost of soil cleanup. This common situation across New Jersey means two things: (1) Buyers always do their diligence, and insist on the removal of a buried oil tank before closing on the property. And (2) If you have an underground oil tank on your property, the time to remove it is NOW. The longer it stays, the greater the risk of a leak is, and of you incurring the additional costs of the soil remediation.

jersey city and newark nj oil tank removal

Planning An Oil Tank Removal in Jersey City, Newark and Nearby Cities

Jersey City NJ Oil Tank RemovalOil tank removal in Jersey City, Newark and other areas in Hudson and Essex Counties (we frequently perform Montclair oil tank removal and East Orange oil tank removal) often require additional work and planning. Whereas in rural areas and on larger pieces of property you’ll often find the buried tank in the front yard or another less intrusive location, these cities present a different situation. Many houses are close together, and so many of the oil tanks are buried under the sidewalk. ERC anticipates these obstacles and is very familiar with the process of getting sidewalk opening permits and scheduling police oversight if needed. We work with all of the utility companies in Jersey City and Newark, as they often come into play during our construction. If they do, we help the company relocate the utilities so that we can remove the oil tank safely and the homeowner won’t experience any interruptions in service or further issues. We saw cut all the concrete and fill everything back up with ¾ inch stone. The great thing is – nothing in the aforementioned process would cause us to raise your price from our flat-rate oil tank removal program that you agreed to when first quoted. In addition, ERC can even do a full concrete replacement and patchwork if needed.

Oil to Gas Conversion in Jersey City and Newark

Almost everybody converts to gas when they have the option, which most NJ property owners now do and certainly residents of cities like Jersey City and Newark. ERC will help you every step of the way in completing your oil to gas conversion. Our experts will install a gas-fired boiler, hook it up to the gas meter and convert your heating system to gas.

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Jersey City and Newark NJ Oil Tank Removal
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Jersey City and Newark NJ Oil Tank Removal
In this article, we describe our approach to unique oil tank removals in Jersey City and Newark, New Jersey.
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