New Jersey Oil Tank Removal Cost

How much does an oil tank removal cost in New Jersey?

Oil tank removal cost is by far the number one subject of discussion New Jersey property owners want to have with us, and with good reason. Oil tank removal companies often dodge giving a clear cut response regarding their prices, and the majority of them offer what they like to call “project-based pricing”. These companies tell customers that this sort of pricing allows them to charge only for the work that needs to be done in that particular oil tank removal case, but property owners must beware of such claims. There are all-too-familiar horror stories of oil tank removal contractors hooking property owners in with a seemingly low initial quote, only to pile on costs while the work is done, leaving the customers with the difficult position of having a substantially larger financial burden than they expected. Signing an open-ended oil tank removal contract is a common mistake that New Jersey property owners make, and companies capitalize on this mistake by making them feel as if they have no choice but to pay the price that has added up over time.

oil tank removal cost nj

ERC Environmental’s flat-rate cost

ERC Environmental is here to provide another cost option. Through our years of experience in this industry, we know that the industry average for underground oil tank removal in New Jersey is around $2,500 when all is said and done (and if you don’t believe us, read these articles by Angie’s List and We see this cost as grossly overpriced for about 95% of residential and commercial oil tank removals in the state. This is way we offer the same percentage of inquiring customers a guaranteed flat-rate of just $1,750 for NJ oil tank removal – just over half the cost that our competitors average. And no, that cost does not rise under any circumstance. ERC gives property the owners peace of mind for oil tank removal projects by keeping the cost low and clearly defined from beginning to end. Once the customer accepts our proposal, we simply ask that a one half deposit is paid up front, and the other half be paid when the work is finished. It’s that straightforward.

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