Oil to Gas Conversion in New Jersey

Making The Switch To Natural Gas

Many people know that it’s considered more environmentally friendly or fuel efficient to make the switch from oil heating to natural gas. However, it is also remarkably cost efficient. The US Energy Information Administration can provide data to show the difference in heating costs for homeowners with oil and natural gas in the state of NJ, with natural gas significantly lower. If you’re considering selling the house in the future, natural gas heating is also a more attractive feature for prospective buyers.

Many homeowners are considering making the switch from heating their homes with oil to natural gas. Some are deterred, thinking that natural gas is a more expensive method of heating, however, the efficiency of a system utilizing natural gas outweighs the cost. While you will have to pay for the conversion and the equipment at the outset, within a few years, you will make your money back with lower heating costs. Aside from the economic benefits, heating your home with gas protects the environment. Natural gas is an efficient and clean-burning fossil fuel. Heating your home with natural gas will also give you the convenience of not having to wait for deliveries to keep your family warm and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from being free from the constant concern that an oil tank could potentially leak into the soil and groundwater around your home.

To convert from oil to gas, you will need to contact a contractor to inspect your furnace and inform you whether the current unit you have is able to be converted, or if the unit must be replaced. The chimney will be inspected and a decision will be made if it requires lining, and possible street to home gas line connections will be investigated. Finally, the oil tank will be emptied and removed from the property, and the necessary new hardware will be installed. Conversion to natural gas from oil is a process that takes time, but is well worth the patience and the effort.

Our oil tank conversion services include:

Natural Gas Conversion

ERC Environmental will complete necessary installation work to connect and run your home with your local gas provider. We can also help you take advantage of state programs for making the switch to a more efficient natural gas system.

Questions before you make the switch?Oil TankNatural GasBenefits of using ERC Environmental
Which method is more cost efficient?There are no changes in your cost in the short term, but over time your costs will continue to rise.While there is an initial cost, in the long term there is a significant reduction to yearly costs and a possible rebate available from State or gas provider.We provide a flat rate service, inclusive of old oil tank removal so you understand the cost up front.
What happens if I sell the home?Often realtors and potential home owners are more anxious about homes that have buried oil tanks.Gas heating is more appealing to prospective owners and will not require changes before a sale.ERC has years of experience with tank removal and can help you make the switch between systems simple.
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