New Jersey Soil Remediation & Testing

At ERC, we approach soil remediation according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Preliminary Reduction Goals, as well as New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulations, ensuring that your land is treated thoroughly and with the highest level of care and caution.  The flat rate policy of ERC ensures that the assessment, remediation, and restoration are completed without added expense. As further evidence of ERC’s commitment to the customer, we will contact and work in conjunction with your insurance company, as, in many cases, homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for a third party liability claim.

The ERC Soil Remediation Standard

ERC understands that your property existed long before you took ownership, and as such, the first step in the remediation process is an examination of the historical use of the property. The historical investigation, which is included in the ERC flat rate, often uncovers land uses that current owners, themselves, are often not aware of, and can give ERC a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the land and possible past contaminants.

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Because ERC cares about your time, while the investigation is underway, ERC will proceed with the careful excavation and removal of the source of contamination, as to halt further spread. Following the removal of the source, ERC will conduct a visual inspection of the site as well as sample collection of the soil which will be sent out for testing according to EPA and NJDEP standards, to determine the degree of contamination. Dependent upon the presence of groundwater, testing will also be completed to provide verification of the integrity of the groundwater. Historical investigation, source removal, and testing are all covered by the ERC flat rate, with no hidden fees.

Soil Cleanup Process

Based on the results of the testing, ERC will proceed to remove the sullied soil, using our fleet of carefully maintained and operated construction vehicles. The methods for removal will be based on the extent and depth of the contamination, but all are covered under ERC’s flat rate policy. Contaminated groundwater will be pumped from the ground, treated on site, and returned to the soil, as per NJDEP standards, or vacuumed into a removal truck and disposed of at an accredited facility. Once the remediation of the soil and ground water has been completed, the remaining soil and water will be re-evaluated at a state approved testing facility.

Once testing has verified that the soil quality is within acceptable NJDEP standards and the property has attained No Further Action status, as per our flat rate, ERC will restore your property, by back-filling the land to rough grade quality.

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