NJ Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation at ERC’s Flat Rates

Without question, the two questions we are asked most frequently are:

  • How much can a soil cleanup cost?

  • How much does an oil-tank removal cost?

construction vehicle removing oil tank

While many of our competitors offer a so-called “flat-rate” only to later bombard you with unexpected costs for which you had not budgeted, ERC offers your New Jersey oil tank removal and/or soil remediation services at an all-inclusive price.  This covers everything from the procuring of permits to property restoration and final inspections – everything needed to get a No Further Action (NFA) letter from the NJDEP.

Our flat-rates are designed to fit 95% of inquiries based on years of experience and countless soil remediation and oil-tank removal projects.  For instance, 90% of the oil tanks we remove are 550 gallons, but even if we encounter a 1,000 gallon tank we will not charge anything extra.  If your workload has extraordinary circumstances that make your contract a rare exception, it will be obvious and we will be able to tell you right away.  A couple extreme examples might be groundwater issues or very severe levels of soil contamination.  Otherwise, within the entire state of New Jersey our rates will not change no matter the situation.

Contact ERC today and get a free price estimate on your oil tank removal or soil cleanup within a matter of hours or even less. Once you make the decision to hire us based on our flat-rate quote, you can be assured that your comprehensive price will not rise over the course of your tank removal or soil cleanup project.  In fact, your rate will be guaranteed. We only ask that you pay a 50% deposit of your flat rate after returning the signed proposal. The other 50% of your project cost will not be due until 100% of the work is done, including property restoration and final inspections.

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NJ Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation at ERC’s Flat Rates
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NJ Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation at ERC’s Flat Rates
At ERC, our oil tank removal and soil remediation services fall under a single flat rate. Learn more here.
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ERC Environmental
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