New Jersey Helical Piles – Services and Solutions

ERC Environmental, LLC. The market leader in New Jersey helical pile services.

ERC Environmental offers residential and commercial services using helical piles to stabilize earth for foundation repairs, oil tank removal, new construction and other structural support applications. Helical piles, also known as helical piers are galvanized steel screws with plates welded to the center shaft in a helical pattern to screw down into the earth to create a stable structure for building foundations and earth stabilization.

At ERC Environmental, we believe in marrying the ideals of growth, progress and construction while employing responsible, environmentally-safe practices. We work with large-scale commercial construction as well as smaller, residential projects.  From oil tank removal to new construction, we leave every job site environmentally cleaner than we found it, so you can be sure of secure foundations, safe soil and a healthy earth.

  • Anticipate all costs from the start.

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New Construction

Establishing a foundation with minimal disruption of the earth is our specialty at ERC Environmental. We can help you determine which type of foundation materials and which application will best suit your project needs.

Our trained technicians run load tests and accurately determine the bearing weight of each foundation pile for a safe, secure build.  When beginning construction at any site, the first step is clearing and surveying the land, followed by building a structurally safe foundation. The type of foundation greatly depends on the size of the lot, the soil quality and local ordinances concerning soil removal, tree removal, water tables, and more.

Helical Pulldown Micropiles

The use of helical piles in building foundations has long been employed in situations where too much digging is discouraged. Micropiles are utilized to create the stable base frame without disturbing too much of the surrounding earth as you would with large-scale excavation. With staggered helical plates attached to the steel rod in a screw-like pattern, the earth is gently pushed aside while the plates drive the piles deeper into the ground. Then, the void created by the displaced earth is filled from the grout reservoir making an extremely stable foundation.

There are many advantages to using helical pulldown micropiles in new construction. The obvious is the cost-savings and lack of hassles related to removal of excavation materials. Because the micropiles are screwed into the earth itself without digging, there are no spoils to remove from the site. The reduction in heavy machinery, drivers and fuel costs for the big excavators is another huge plus.

Helical pulldown micropiles also open up new opportunities for building that weren’t available with large-scale excavation. They can be installed much closer to existing foundations and other underground structures without disturbing them. Micropiles can also be installed in close quarters. If necessary, some can even be hand installed, which means ERC Environmental can install in situations with limited access.

ERC Environmental ensures accurate load testing in all of our services. When we use these micropiles, we are able to transfer the weight from weak soils to the high-end load bearing capacity of the helical plates. This ensures future stability of all construction without worry about soil integrity.  Added benefits to using helical pulldown micropiles include low mobilization costs, the ability to install in any weather and no vibration during installation.

Concrete Mini Piles

ERC Environmental also utilizes concrete mini piles in our construction services. These are steel piles that are either bored or driven into the soil, then the auger is withdrawn and the void is pumped with concrete under pressure, creating a deep concrete pile in the ground. Concrete piles are used more traditionally in commercial construction, but have seen greater residential use recently along shore areas where they can better withstand sand shifting, storms and erosion.

As with the helical piles, these mini piles are a low noise, low vibration installation option which can be installed in close proximity to other underground structures without disturbing the foundation. Installation time is much less than excavation and there is little to no spoil from displacement.

Repairs and Remediation

Many homes in New Jersey are aging, as are their foundations. The geology of this area ranges from low-lying swamp land to rocky mountainsides to shifting sandy soil, each with their own set of challenges when it comes to keeping homes and buildings stable.  When the floors begin sloping or foundations are sagging, ERC Environmental can help stabilize the situation.

We will come in and run tests to determine how best to proceed. Accurate measurements of soil density and load-bearing needs mean our projects finish with durability and lasting peace of mind.

Foundation Stabilization & Underpinning

Shifting and sinking foundations are a serious concern for homeowners and building owners alike. Whether your foundation problems are caused by poor soil compaction, poor waterproofing, erosion or overloading, the issues can cause cracks in your foundation and stresses on the structure of your home or business.

How can you tell if you have foundation issues? Look for signs like sticky doors or windows that indicate shifting angles in your home. Sloping floors or a leaning chimney also signal that your foundation may be weak. Cracks in walls, and decks or porches that are pulling away from your home are also pretty sure signs that you need to stabilize your foundation.

ERC Environmental can help by underpinning your home to improve the integrity of your foundation. We can come out and give a thorough inspection of your building before deciding the best strategy to secure the foundation moving forward.

The best products for underpinning existing structures are helical piers and push piers. We drive these piers deep into the soil until they reach firm bedrock, which offers a stable anchor point. Then we test the load-bearing capacity of each driven pier and transfer the weight of your home or building to the piers for a stable foundation.

Helical tieback anchors are used in the framing of the structure for bowing or leaning walls. Again, the helical, screw-like design allows us to shift the frame of your structure to right angles again and prevent future bowing and buckling.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

With ever-increasing regulations and environmental limitations, it is important to have a complete understanding of the environmental impact of any construction project before beginning. At ERC Environmental, we offer the most current geotechnical engineering services in the area. We can help guide your construction project through design and implementation with comprehensive knowledge of local rock, soil and groundwater conditions.

ERC Environmental helps support all phases of construction from site evaluation to ground-breaking to site clean-up after the build is complete.

We run onsite tests to investigate and evaluate geotechnical engineering concerns in the subsurface and surrounding area. We do groundwater testing for soil permeability and water table levels for septic system use or storm water management. We’ll perform analysis of wastewater treatment plans and feasibility studies for use of septic systems with local permit restrictions in mind.

At every stage of our involvement we offer client consultation where we openly share the results of all of our testing as various phases of construction and any inspection issues that may arise. ERC Environmental performs soil density testing and our certified, trained technicians accurately measure the load-bearing capacity of each foundation pile and structure we recommend.

We use earth-friendly foundation installation and stabilization methods in every aspect of our work. Our use of helical piles and pulldown micro piles means the existing earth is not disturbed, therefore keeping the environmental impact of your build to a minimum. The low-noise, low-vibration, low-spoil results from using these materials equals a quicker, less invasive build for your site and the surrounding area.

ERC Environmental, LLC – Environmentally Responsible Building

It is increasingly important to ensure that your construction, restoration or repair projects are safe both structurally and environmentally before beginning any work. With new regulations from local municipalities to state and even federal restrictions, there are more issues that need to be addressed each year.

By hiring ERC Environmental, you get the best in local expertise with certified, trained technicians that can help analyze all aspects of your project and ensure an uninterrupted process. We can help you meet the permit restrictions for your area and ensure stability and safety for the future of your project.

We can help you safely and responsibly break ground on your new construction project and advise you what your best foundation options may be. For existing foundation repairs, we can help lift, level and secure your home or business structure with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. If you have questions about waste water management, septic systems or soil leeching, we can test and answer all of your questions, and help remove or replace existing oil or septic tanks.

Call us today for an inspection and estimate of your new construction build, foundation repair, soil test or other project. From start to finish, we offer peace of mind and scientific accuracy and responsibility. We look forward to serving you and ensuring the health and safety of your project.