Hudson County Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Services: Removal, Installation and Soil Remediation

Issues with underground oil tanks plague many Hudson County, New Jersey residents and business owners. These large steel tanks were once a preferred heating method throughout the state. Unfortunately, they weren’t built to withstand the test of time. Indeed, we perform many oil tank removals in Jersey City, North Bergen, and other nearby towns.

Rust and corrosion are inescapable problems for these steel vats that have been exposed to the elements for decades. This is simply the nature of iron-based metals, and the salty sea air in New Jersey can be especially corrosive.

When these oil tanks inevitably corrode, it leads to holes, and leakage occurs. This presents many environmental concerns and issues. Buried oil tank leakage can cause dangerous soil contamination. As a property owner, you are open to liability for the damage that a leaking oil tank causes on your land.

The ERC Environmental, LLC Solution

hudson county oil tank removalPrevention is key! That’s the case for most things, and it’s certainly true with buried oil tanks on your Hudson County property, whether you are located in Jersey City or elsewhere. At ERC Environmental, we take care of oil tank removal for property owners, safely and effectively. Our skilled and knowledgeable techs can handle everything for you, from start to finish.

ERC will apply for the necessary permits and coordinate with your Hudson County utility company to ensure safe digging. We carefully preserve your landscaping features prior to removal of your tank, and take care of restoring the area after we have completed the removal. Once the work is done, we schedule an inspection and have the permits closed. We seek to make the whole process as trouble-free as possible for you.  Once we’ve removed your tank, you will no longer need to worry about potential leakage and soil contamination issues.

Soil Clean-up Services

In some cases, you may have already experienced corrosion and oil leaks on your property. Our team is equipped to professionally handle this situation. We’ll remove the contaminated soil and work quickly to get your property back in safe and acceptable condition. Our specialists will perform all the steps required, including obtaining an NFA letter from the NJDEP.

As part of our soil remediation services, we arrange for local inspectors to come out to your property. They’ll verify that the clean-up has been performed and is in compliance with local and state mandates. After we’ve taken care of the legalities, we’ll work on the physical and aesthetic restoration of your yard and landscaping.

Contact ERC Environmental in Hudson County for Oil Tank Removal

At ERC Environmental, we understand how frustrating it can be for property owners to watch contractor bills and expenses skyrocket once work has begun. But when you turn to ERC for oil tank removal and other associated services, you learn the cost upfront. We do away with overwhelming and costly surprises with our flat rate fees and upfront quote pricing.

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