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Oil Tanks in Westfield and Real Estate

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Westfield, NJ used heating underground oil tanks (USTs) for a long period of time as the town is among the state’s oldest and most populated areas. In recent years, the population in Westfield has grown and older homes have been purchased, converted from oil to gas and renovated, reflecting Bloomberg’s recent ranking of the town being among the top 100 wealthiest places in the country and the 30th-safest. Oil tank removal has become necessary and common in Westfield real estate transactions, as the convenience and efficiency of natural gas trumps oil and new buyers do not want to take on the responsibility of a buried oil tank. As a result, our company is frequently contacted by Westfield residents to remove their residential oil tanks.

As we mentioned, Westfield has become an attractive location for buyers in Union County, New Jersey. As such, buyer competition for houses is often intense. As a result, many long-time homeowners have reaped the benefits of bidding wars and sold their properties for thousands or even tens of thousands more than asking price. It’s market conditions like this that make oil tank removal before selling your Westfield home a no-brainer. The reason why is because oil tanks are bound to cause a delay in the transaction one way or another. Eager buyers and their mortgage companies will not inherit the risk an underground oil tank brings, and might be quick to move on to the next potential property if they discover there’s a heating oil tank lurking. Ultimately, the tank will need to be removed regardless and it is in the Westfield homeowner’s best interest to remove the problem completely before it causes any hesitancy among buyers that can be detrimental to the final value.

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Westfield’s tank removal specialists

Luckily, ERC Environmental has handled many oil tank removals in Westfield and across the state of New Jersey. We have familiarized ourselves with the appropriate Westfield utility companies and municipal officials so that we are able to plan construction quickly and cause minimal disruption to your plans. The best part is that we offer a competitive flat-rate so that you can budget accordingly. When buyers roll into Westfield and start bidding on your tank-free property, you’ll be thankful you did the necessary work sooner than later!

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Client Testimonials

ERC Environmental Inc. was wonderful to work with. We had wanted to get our oil tank removed for years but feared the outcome. ERC made the whole process effortless. They were honest, courteous and efficient. Thanks for a job well done.

Rating: 5/5  

Teresa Robinson

Outstanding work from start to finish.ERC Environmental Inc. employees were professional every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for anything more and you cannot beat their pricing. They are the best in their field, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Rating: 5/5  

Ralph Bonard

ERC Environmental Inc. did an amazing job removing the underground oil tank at the property I was going to purchase. Both Drew and Alex did a great job and were very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend hiring ERC for any underground oil tank removal or testing.

Rating: 5/5  

John Geleski