Union County Oil Tank Removal

If you’re a Union County home owner seeking to sell, it’s important to confirm that the land on your property is safe and uncontaminated. And if you’re a potential homebuyer, ask about buried oil tanks on the properties you view. At ERC Environmental, LLC, we work with both buyers and purchasers to ensure that the property at issue is thoroughly inspected to identify the presence of underground oil tanks and any contamination. When tank removal is necessary, our professionals are equipped to skillfully and safely take care of the problem.

Union County Buried Oil Tanks

union county oil tank removalMany properties in Union County, like in most of the state, still have underground oil tanks. This is largely a concern for older residences and businesses that used bare steel fabrication oil tanks for heating several decades ago. This material has weathered poorly over the past several years.

Basic 275-gallon steel tanks were commonly used to store oil for heating in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. At the time, storing these tanks underground didn’t seem to pose any immediate hazards. Now, years later, the ensuing rust and corrosion has revealed the flaw in that practice.

Slow oil seepage to large leaks are common occurrences with these old tanks, causing soil contamination on the properties of unaware owners. Soil type, moisture, and tank design are all factors that contribute to oil tank leakage. But, essentially, it’s almost impossible to determine beforehand whether an intact oil tank will leak, and if so, how much. This makes prevention the best option, which is best effected by removal of the tank.

Dependable Removal Services

Oil tank removal is the core of our services at ERC Environmental. We know this business inside and out, and we routinely perform these services, safely, efficiently, and affordably. We realize that it’s no routine issue for property owners, and in fact may seem like an overwhelming problem. But rest assured that our specialists know what they’re doing, and we are committed to making this a pain free process for our clients.

The first step in our hassle-free service method is obtaining a FREE estimate for a simple flat-rate fee. This overcomes your first worry – cost and price overruns. With ERC, you learn the full cost of your tank removal services up front, with no expensive surprise fees down the line. Our team handles the entire procedure, from start to finish, for one flat rate. We’ll even handle permit applications and closures for you.

If your tank has already leaked and contaminated the soil on your property, we can handle that issue as well. Our specialists are experienced in performing clean-up and soil remediation when this has occurred. Our team will excavate and remove the contaminated soil. Once the area is clear, we schedule an appointment with the applicable Union County officials to perform the necessary inspection. You get your New Jersey DEP NFA letter, and we haul in clean soil to replace the bad soil we removed, and then finish restoration of your land.

Contact ERC today to request a free quote for oil tank removal services for your Union County property. We service businesses and residences. We also provide related services, such as septic tank installation or replacement. Call us at 87-440-8265 with any questions.

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