Somerset County Oil Tank Removal

somerset county oil tank servicesIf you’re worried about the presence of a buried oil tank on the property at your Somerset County home, you’re not alone.  Many home and business owners across the state face the potential risks presented by old underground oil tanks. Though once a main heating source, these tanks are now inconveniences at best and a danger to the ecology at worst.

Corrosion is the main culprit in buried oil tanks. These older steel tanks were placed underground without any protection from the elements. The result has been extensive rusting and corrosion over the years. This typically leads to leakage and spills, which causes contamination of the ground around it and often the water as well.

Somerset County home buyers and sellers should check for the presence of an underground tank before purchasing a home or putting it on the market. Have a tank sweep performed if you don’t know whether a tank is buried on the property.  Once you are aware of an underground oil tank, check for contamination through soil testing. This will help you plan for the amount of work that will be required when you have the tank removed.

Oil Tank Removal Services from the Experts at ERC Environmental, LLC

As leaders in this market, at ERC Environmental we know the challenges you are facing when you need an oil tank removed or replaced. The situation can be quite stressful when you learn that your tank has leaked and contaminated your property. Fortunately, our experienced techs know what they’re doing, and we always treat your land with the same care and exacting service we would provide to our own family. Even better, we let you know what the entire cost will be before we begin work. That’s the beauty of our flat rate fee model.

Additional Services from ERC Environmental for Your Somerset County Property

Our services extend beyond oil tank removal to several related services for your property. Septic tank installation, servicing and replacement is something we are very experienced in. Home owners who deal with limited access or none to city sewage and water services can benefit from an efficient septic system. Our skilled and knowledgeable guidance can help you maintain your system, choose a new set up and meet all the important requirements of a durable, reliable septic system. Call on our pros to inspect your tanks and pipes to check for any problems, damage or potential issues. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the care and service required for dependable septic service that lasts.

Our team is also equipped to provide the following services to our Somerset business and commercial clients:
Tank replacement
Property restoration
Soil clean-up
Oil-to-gas conversion
Helical stabilization piles

Please call ERC at 877-440-8265 to obtain a FREE estimate if you are considering any of these services for your property. Our flat rate fees ensure you won’t receive any unpleasant surprises after the work has started. Count on ERC in Somerset County today.

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