Can I Remove An Underground Oil Tank Myself?

Removing Your Own Oil Tank

Can I Remove An Oil Tank Myself?

At ERC Environmental we want to answer all of our clients’ questions. One specific question we get asked all the time is, “Is It Possible to Remove an Oil Tank by Myself?”, and the answer will always be, “No”. We understand that researching for an oil tank removal company that is the perfect fit for the job can be stressful, and that you would rather handle a project yourself. Although, it is impossible to remove and oil tank by yourself and here is why: An underground oil tank removal is a hard process to encounter, and it requires specific permits from the county and/or state. The only way to obtain these permits is if you carry an NJDEP closure license. Other factors that deny the opportunity of removing an underground oil tank by yourself involves not being able to access high tech equipment that is specified for this procedure and not having professionally trained technicians that know how to handle any situation they come across.

Choosing ERC For Your Oil Tank Removal Services

At ERC Environmental we carry all licenses necessary for an oil tank removal. We provide all our own equipment and highly trained professionals to get the job done right. We make your tank removal easy with our flat-rate fee. We consider our flat-rate fee to be one of the major differences with our competition. It is a special offer that is given to you when we are hired for the project. We give you a quote in the beginning of the job and follow through with that same price until the job is finished, no surprises or extra costs added. Depending on the job, most oil tank companies will charge you extra if the project took longer than expected or needed more work. At ERC, we do not believe in this action and therefore no other charges will be added to the end of a project.

We believe ERC Environmental is the best choice for you, if you need more information. Call today!

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