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Oil Tank Removal Ocean County NJ

Are you located in Brick, Lakewood, Ocean, Jackson, etc? Do you have an underground oil tank that was installed before 1980? If so, this may raise concern for potential leaks and spills.

What Damages Can An Underground Oil Tank Leak Cause?

ERC Environmental wants you to be aware of the risks you are taking with a leaking underground oil tank. An underground oil tank that is leaking can cause a serious threat to sensitive ground water areas. These sensitive areas cross paths with near public or private water supply wells causing contamination for an entire community.

Tank Leak Problems

  • Surface Water Contamination
  • Surface and Subsurface Soil Contamination
  • Property Damage
  • Vapor Leakage (causing health issues)
  • Combustion and Fire Concern
  • Spills from Overfilling Tanks (expensive clean up)

Several damaging factors will occur with an underground oil tank. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call ERC Environmental for our FLATE-RATE oil tank removal services.

ERC will resolve your oil tank removal and soil remediation needs in all areas of Ocean County. We have assisted clients with their underground oil tank removals for over 20 years and want to keep it going strong! Our ERC team is qualified and trained in every aspect of tank removal and soil remediation. We provide all our own equipment, all of which is up to date with proper regulations and safety measures. Lastly, we give all our services at a FLAT-RATE.

ERC Environmental Specialty

At ERC Environmental our specialty is out flat-rate. The cost of oil tank removals and soil remediation can get extravagant dependent on the company you decide to hire. ERC, starts the project with one price and ends the project with that same fee. In New Jersey, there is a pattern where oil tank removal companies will give you a “time and material” price, and it is never the same as when you started. AT ERC Environmental we believe that there is no need for extra charges when all the same work is being done. The ERC price does not rise under any circumstances. Call us today and schedule for your next oil tank removal!

  • Anticipate all costs from the start.

  • Makes it easier to close on the property.

  • No surprises.

  • All permits included.

  • Get an estimate within hours.

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