Monmouth County Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Services in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Many home and business owners in Monmouth County have lived with the presence of underground oil tanks on their properties for numerous years without any issues. Unfortunately, the very nature of steel tanks heightens the likelihood of problems as time passes. Rust and corrosion increases over time, and this means you may soon have to deal with oil leaks and the ensuing soil contamination, which is a far more extensive problem.

Do These Oil Tank Removal Reasons Apply to You?

Do you own a home or business in Monmouth County? If any of the following circumstances describes your situation, you should consider oil tank removal.
1.1. You’re planning to sell – Sale of land or property will be greatly hindered by the presence of a buried oil tank. New owners are not likely willing to take on the hassle. And even if they do, insurance companies aren’t willing to provide coverage for potential leaks and spills.
2.2. Your tank was buried in the 1990’s or earlier – These old tanks are made of corrosive steel, and they weren’t designed to endure the conditions they’ve been subjected to over the past few decades. Underground moisture collection and the abrasive nature of our air contributes to the eventual corrosion that befalls these tanks.
3.3. You’re converting to gas – While some owners still use their oil tanks as a heating source, most are aware of the benefits of converting to natural gas. The safe method of conversion is not to abandon your old underground tank, but to have it professionally removed. Our team will install your new natural gas tank in your basement, garage, or another outdoor aboveground area of your choosing. These new tanks are designed for durability and leak prevention.
4.4. Your tank may already be leaking – If your tank has already leaked into the soil, timely removal is essential – as is soil testing and clean-up. ERC can help.

The ERC Environmental Solution

At ERC, we’re proud of the work we do for our Monmouth County clients and property owners throughout the state. One feature that our customers love is our affordable up-front pricing. With a flat rate, you enter this process with your eyes wide open, but not your wallet.

monmouth county oil tank removalSome property owners have been mulling over having their oil tanks removed for years, but feared the headache and the expense. ERC removes those barriers. No surprises in expenses after the work begins allows you to accurately budget for this essential service. And our crew takes care of everything, making it an easy, stress-free process from start to finish.

Call on ERC for your Monmouth County Property

Contact us today to request a transparent pricing estimate for removal of your underground oil tank. We also take care of soil clean-up if leakage has occurred, as well as property restoration. Need septic services? We do that too. Call us at 1-877-440-8265 to move forward.

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