Middlesex County Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Services in Middlesex County

At ERC Environmental, LLC, we are committed to the safe and efficient removal of underground oil tanks for our Middlesex County clients and property owners throughout the state. There are several reasons to consider these services – old tanks, home sale, oil-to-gas conversion, and current corrosion and leakage.

middlesex county oil tank removalIf you own property in Middlesex County with a buried oil tank, odds are that your tank will eventually rust and corrode. The smart approach is to take proactive steps to prevent the oil leakage that is so common with these old underground heating sources. If your tank is already leaching into the ground, we can help with that too. Our team will take the tank out and follow the necessary steps to determine the extent of damage that the leaking has caused. We then perform soil clean-up that fulfils with local and state laws and regulations. We can have your property in compliance in no time.

Simple Steps for Oil Tank Removal

When you turn to ERC for the removal of your underground tank, our knowledgeable pros take care of everything required for a safe and thorough extraction that cause a minimum of disruption to your life. The physical removal process typically takes less than a day. We work quickly and efficiently to rid your property of this potential hazard, and to ensure that the job is done right.

How to get started with your oil tank removal:
1.Call us to request a transparent price estimate.
2.Sign our agreement and put down at least 50% of the flat rate fee.
3.ERC contacts your Middlesex County utility company to ensure safe digging, and we begin the permit process.
4.We contact you to schedule a convenient time to remove your tank.
5.Our small team arrives and begins preserving your landscaping to protect these features from damage during the dig.
6.If you were still using your buried tank for heat, we install your new above ground tank to prevent service disruption.
7.Our crew safely digs out and removes your old tank and has it moved to a salvage facility approved by state authorities.
8.We restore your land, filling in the hole and removing debris.
9.ERC schedules inspection of our work and arrives to oversee approval and obtain necessary paperwork.
10.We close open permits, completing the job. Only then do we submit billing for payment of the remaining balance of our flat fee.
11.You breathe a sigh of relief and move forward secure in the knowledge that your property is no longer subject to damage from your underground oil tank.

Call on ERC for your Middlesex County Property

If you’re ready to have your underground oil tank removed from your land, call ERC Environmental at 877-440-TANK (8265) to take the first step, and receive our up-front, flat fee estimate for our service.

  • Anticipate all costs from the start.

  • Makes it easier to close on the property.

  • No surprises.

  • All permits included.

  • Get an estimate within hours.

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