Cumberland County Oil Tank Removal Services

Cumberland County Is Home To Many Underground Oil Tanks

Cumberland County NJ Oil Tank Removal

This many cause issues for those who are trying to buy or sell a home with and underground oil tank located on the property. Oil tanks are a tricky thing to encounter and the expense of a leak may make it worse. The best time to get an oil tank removal is when you don’t need one. Don’t take the risk and ignore it, the oil tank will not go away.

Risks Of Selling Or Buying A Home With An Underground Oil Tank

There are many factors that attribute to the risk of buying or selling a home with an underground oil tank. These include the following:

Homebuyers Oil Tank Risks

If an underground oil tank is located on the property, but unknown, the new homeowners take responsibility for all future issues related with the oil tank. Most of the time insurance policies do not cover oil tank leaks or soil remediations. ERC suggests, when you are buying a home in Cumberland, get the soil tested to know if there is a tank present. If there is, negotiate with the seller of the home to split the cost of an oil tank removal before signing for the property.

Home Seller Oil Tank Risks

Underground oil tanks can be located anywhere. If your home was built before 1980, there is most likely a chance for an underground oil tank to be located on your property. If so, it may be a better option to have the tank removed before putting your house on the market. Many homebuyers become hesitant when an underground oil tank is located on the property because of future issues it may cause.

With that being said, we welcome all homebuyers, homeowners and realtors in the Cumberland County area to call ERC Environmental for your oil tank services. We service oil tank removals, soil remediation, oil to gas conversion and many more. ERC provides a flat-rate fee, highly-qualified technicians and safe equipment. Call us today and schedule your next oil tank removal.

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