Bergen County Oil Tank Services

Oil Tank Replacement, Removal, Soil Remediation, Helical Piles and More

Are you concerned about a buried oil tank on your Bergen County property? Decommissioned underground oil tanks present several potential hazards to home owners and commercial property owners. Their presence can create economic, safety and ecological concerns.

Buried oil tanks that are several decades old are highly inclined to corrosion. This rusting increases the probability of leaks and spills. The resulting contamination is a dangerous hazard that must be addressed right away.

If you’re selling or purchasing a home in Bergen County, it’s important that you check for the presence of an underground oil tank. A tank sweep can take care of this. If you already know of the existence of a buried tank, soil testing and removal is the next logical step.

The ERC Environmental, LLC Difference

We are a market leader in Bergen County and throughout the state in oil tank removal services. We understand the potential hassle of dealing with this unwelcome situation, and we strive to make it a pain-free process. Our experienced removal specialists treat your property with the care and expertise they would give their own.

At ERC, you won’t be faced with hidden costs, surprise fees, or other unexpected expenses. We provide our thorough tank removal services for a flat rate. This allows you to budget for this important service and gives you peace of mind when you decide to move forward.

Other ERC Services in Bergen County

Being proactive is always a good idea in oil tank removal. If you are still using a buried underground tank for your home heating, we can help you with replacement. Our specialists will confer with you to determine a suitable location – typically your garage, basement or a sheltered outdoor area. We’ll then set up the new heating source in the selected location and get it running, so there’s no service interruption. Only then, do we carefully and professionally remove your old tank. There are many options to choose from in new tanks.

If your old tank has already leaked and soil contamination has occurred, ERC can assist you with this problem, as well. We are fully experienced and knowledgeable in the steps required to clean up your property and obtain a NJDEP NFA letter to ensure your legal compliance with Bergen County, New Jersey regulations.

Other services we offer property owners include Oil-to-Gas conversion, property restoration, septic services, and helical stabilization piles for repair and various other applications. We are equipped to provide services to both residential and commercial properties in Bergen County and the surrounding areas.

Bergen County Oil Tank Services

Oil-to-gas conversion
Property Restoration
Oil Tank Replacement
Helical Piles
Septic Services

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